Agile & Scrum

Agile & Scrum That Works In Your Organization and with Your Leadership

While we live the Agile/Scrum-mindset here at Red Octopus, we know a successful vendor must bring more than Agile alignment to the costumer. Unlike traditional, over-the-wall application development, Red Octopus aligns with the highly collaborative Agile methodology that enables the team to implement smaller deployable units, push updates faster, and respond more quickly to market dynamics. Red Octopus is uniquely equipped to support the customers to meet their goals, whether that means taking a pragmatic Agile approach or utilizing a scaling framework. The result is rapid, feedback-driven product and solution delivery that allows you to innovate and disrupt markets while outperforming your competition. Agile software development creates environments with fewer errors and less time spent on re-work. The full transparency and control inherent in an Agile build mean greater confidence for the development team, leader, and other stakeholders. Red Octopus works with all levels of the management and development team – and the stakeholders – to meet the Product Owner’s expectations with the best blend of methodologies that the business culture can embrace.